About Us

Aleph Club-Library

30 Washington St.

Brighton, MA 02135

The Aleph Club-Library maintains a library of books, audio and videotapes in Russian, English and Hebrew. It is a non-profit, non-denominational organization opened since 2000.

  • Aleph is the only Library Club in Boston for Russian Jews that has about 600 items collection of books video and audio tapes: the Jewish classical texts, ancient and modern history, philosophy and fiction in Russian, Hebrew and English, study sections based on this collection and about 140 subscriber of the e-newsletter.

  • Aleph Club-Library organized meetings with famous Russian-speaking Jewish educators from Jerusalem such as: Rabbi Benzion Zilber and R.Y.Avrech, the head of Toldos Yeshurun educational network for Russian speaking Jews, Rabbi Tzvi Wasserman presents the publishing house Shevut Ami and magazine Chernim Po Belomu; Rabbi M.Gitik head of the University of the Jewish Heritage. His books “Where was G-d during Holocaust?”, “Let's get to know Judaism” and numerous CD with his lectures became very popular in Russian speaking community, publisher G. Spinadel author of numerous very popular books of Jewish history and tradition and other.

  • Four volunteers take care of logistics, upkeep, shipments, budget, lending books and e-mail newsletter currently staff the program:

    • Ora Rosenbleet-Genkina – the Manager and Instructor of the Torah class. She has a physics degree from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, a Jewish Education degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Massachusetts Early Childhood Education certificate. She has been running numerous programs in Jewish education to audiences ranging from early preschool to college students and the retired community (cell phone: 862-485-4387)
    • Victoria Zaychik, M.A. – e-mail newsletter, information and events coordinator.
    • Iosif Lachman, Ph.D. – leads the Yiddish section.
    • Mr. D. Dubinsky – librarian.

    The Library is open once a week and by appointment. To borrow the books you can call Mr. Daniel Dubinsky (617-527-0803) or Dr. Iosif Lachman (617-739-2354).